Terms & Conditions Agreement


THIS AGREEMENT IS MADE on the Commencement

Date set out in Schedule 1.


1. Total Football Mania limited a company whose Company Number is 08756085
(“Total Football Mania” “The Company” “Us” “We”);


2. THE TEAM MANAGER as described in Schedule 1 of this Agreement (“the Manager” “You”); collectively referred to as (the “Parties”).


Total Football Mania offers its customers the right to participate in sport and sporting activities.

The use of the Service by the Manager and the Football Team constitutes an agreement to all terms and conditions contained of this Agreement. If the Manager or the Football Team does not agree with the applicable terms and conditions then they are not authorised to use the Service.

The Manager has read and understood the terms of this Agreement with the intention of entering into this Agreement with Total Football Mania on behalf of their Football Team.

The Manager and Total Football Mania have now agreed to enter into this Agreement on the terms and conditions set out below.


You as team captain/manager will be responsible for ensuring your team turns up weekly and abides by the rules and regulations while providing the full match fee prior to kick off, match fee will be £40.00 per week

If you do not show up this will be counted as a “no show” and you will have to pay the full match fee of £40 as well as your opposition’s match fee of £40 due to them not being able to play. Total £80.00.

You also get a 4-0 defeat against your side, or if a friendly can be organised could end up losing to a maximum of 9 goals depending on the result of the organised friendly.

If a friendly game does get scheduled you will still be required to cover your match fee of £40 as the team covering will be doing this for free from a previous game to ensure costs are kept as low as possible for you.

If you do not show up again then this is a breach of contract law and so you can be served to appear in county court judgement proceedings if we decide to proceed further.

If you are the victims of another team not turning up we will do our best to provide you with a friendly game at the normal fee set of £40. You will then receive a 4-0 win as a minimum or in the organised friendly can take the result up to a maximum of 9 goals.

If you decide you no longer want to partake in our leagues you are required to give four weeks notice prior to the end of the season you’re currently playing in of your intention to leave.

You also CANNOT leave immediately after winning promotion to the top division as that would create an imbalance in the divisions and wouldn’t be fair to a new team joining.

EACH SEASON MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL. The only exception to this is if we have a team who would like to join earlier we may be able to release sooner.
If notice of your intention to leave is not given 4 weeks before the end of the season you are expected to compete in the new season until a new team can replace you or the new season then finishes, whichever is sooner.

However if your team get promoted you must then play the next season out before withdrawing, you cannot leave on a promotion as it will ruin the league set up.

Providing you have a minimum of 5 players in 7 a side and 4 players in 6 a side this will allow the game to be played, any less than this results in a forfeit and match fees owed.

Once again, you cannot leave mid-season, only at the end of the season providing you have given the minimum of four weeks notice so that we can get a replacement team, however this is down to our discretion as if we do have a team ready to replace you immediately this may be a possibility.

If any team turn up late you will lose the match time and for every 5 minutes you are late it will result in conceding one goal to the opposition each time.

Trophies will be presented on the first game of the new season where possible, as they are personalised so this allows us time to get them engraved and ready for the first week of the new season.

You are responsible for ensuring your team mates and any friends or family coming to watch are not smoking on site, drinking alcohol or doing any kind of drugs.

You must also ensure correct footwear is worn at all times, as well as shin pads.

Please also dispose of your litter in the bins next to each pitch.

This is your responsibility to check and manage and if you have anyone who plays without the correct footwear or shin pads its at your own risk and if spotted by an official you could be asked to leave the field of play.

Our leagues are set up locally for you all to enjoy playing in without fear, so any kind of abusive or threatening behaviour or violence and the individual will be removed immediately and reported to the FA and or Police.

As an FA affiliated league, we work alongside the FA and so if you break the terms and conditions of all the above it will result in you and potentially your players being banned from all FA affiliated 5/6/7/ or 11 a side leagues until the total outstanding is repaid

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the Parties here to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.