Massive shout out to PasseyAggressive at Wanstead Mondays after a superb season!

Consistency, Great leadership and team spirit as well as quality on the field meant this team were destined to succeed.

And with El Capitan – Tim PASSEY they have an organised leader who gets his side set up perfectly!

A little team write up:

Billy SABINE in defence. “Fears no man”
Bobby EAVY in Midfield/Striker. “Catch him if you can”
Freddie HILL in defence. “Takes no prisoners”
Greg LESTER in defence. “Tight and Tenacious”
Liam BALL in defence. “Reliable, Resilient and hard as nails”
Ollie YATES upfront. “He scores goal, goals, goals you know”
Sam GIBSON in midfield/attack. “Super skipper and tactician”
Rob TESTER in midfield/defence. “The General, say no more”
Toby VINCENT in midfield/defence. “Solid as a rock”
Tim PASSEY in Goal. “The Voice”

Congratulations to Wanstead Mondays Championship Champions: PASSEYAGGRESSIVE